Corporate Travel

Luxurious, Professional, & Reliable Business Travel

In case you are traveling with a bigger business party, you can opt for our 12 passenger van rental for the absolute convenience. In the corporate world, every second count. Take the pressure off and book a Luxury Limous service!

NYC Luxor Limousine’s executive car service has one aim: to exceed your expectations. When your business uses Luxor’s executive car service, you can be confident your car will arrive on time. A polite, professionally trained driver will ensure your ride is comfortable and safe. You’ll be able to make new reservations anywhere, anytime, by phone, email, or online. And we’ll look after every detail that can improve your experience. To download details of the Luxor Limo service capabilities, please click here.

You also need a level of service that you are proud to offer to one of your own clients. You need the driver to be polite, professional, and discreet, and make a superb first impression. Our executive car service packages are flexible and customizable. Tailored billing, reporting, and payment schedules make expense management simple.

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