Child Seat

NYC Luxor Limo Luxury Car Service With Child Car Seat.

According to USA Police and Road, transport laws Child passengers in a Taxi are NOT exempt from using an appropriate Child seat while driving. The Taxi drivers are exempt from the 25$ fine but the accompanying adult may have to pay the fine. We are here to make your trip a safe one. It is important to ensure the safety of the child passenger at all times because they are too young to protect themselves in case of unfortunate incidents. We keep rear-facing and front-facing seats for three different age groups.

1. Infant Seat 2. Regular Child Seats 3. Booster Child Seats

Are you planning on a trip? So we will help you with an extra hand with a baby child seat. When you have any additional requests when using one of our car services, please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to meet these requests with respect to providing a baby seat. When you book your car, please book your car with a baby seat on the website to provide you on time.

Our drivers don't carry baby seats on every journey only if our client book with a baby seat, so if you require a service, please inform us in advance, and we will be arranging a suitable car seat for your baby/child. Our drivers have a wide range of right child seats as per age, height, and weight of young guests. Select Infant, Toddler & Booster seats when booking. Our services and accessories will ensure you travel in comfort and style at all times, so please contact Nyc Luxor Limo if there is anything else you need from us.

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